Companies with name starting with 'm'

Micromosaics 71988/1989
Micronet 44nomoregamesJP198319981983/2003
Micronics 29JP1985/1993Japanese contract developer. Often Micronics wasn't mentioned in the credits …
MicroPlay Software 161989/1992
Micropress Software 11983/1983
Microprose Japan 211989/1993
MicroProse 323deadUS198220011982/2017MicroProse Software, Inc. / MicroProse Simulation Software The development division …
Microsmiths 101984/1993
Microsoft Game Studios 240activeUS1998/2020Formerly: Microsoft Game Division, Microsoft Games Subsidiary of Microsoft …
Microsoft 279activeUS19751979/2020Microsoft transitioned the Games Group into a wholly separate division named Microsoft …
Microsphere 10198219861982/1986
Microstar Graphics 101986/1989
MicroStyle 32UK1989/1990UK label of MicroProse.
Microtec 41979/1990
Microwish Software 12dead1988/1990
Midas Interactive Entertainment 1351993/2009
Midas Marketing 31985/1986
MidBoss 62015/2018
Midcoin 31983/1985
Midnight Oil 11989/1989
Midnight 61992/1995
Midnite Software 41988/1995
Midway 248activeUS19881973/2008
Midway Chicago 82005/2007
Midway Games 75activeUS19961996/2009Formerly Midway Manufacturing Company (until 1996) Independent since 1998 (formerly …
Midway Studios Los Angeles 81996/2005Not to be confused with Paradox Development Studio.
Might and Delight 172012/2017
Mika Mobile 4US2009/2011
Mikanbako 1JAP20042004/2004
MikkoSoft Productions 42008/2009
Mikro-Gen 50deadUK198519871982/1988
Miles Computing 231984/1991
Milestone srl 66activeIT19961994/2017
MileStone 20deadJP200320131994/2018 …
Milkstone Studios 10activeES2013/2018Website:
Milky House 21997/2000
Millennium Interactive 72boughtUK199019971990/1997HQ: Cambridge, formerly Logotron Bought by Sony in 1997-07 and was renamed to …
Millennium Kitchen 22002/2005
Milliken Publishing 41985/1985
Million 10activeJP20012001/2012In 2001 the company Million Co.Ltd. acquired the intellectual property of Technos …
Milmar Indústria 71989/1990
Milton Bradley 60US1979/1996
Minakuchi Engineering 3deadJP19841990/1990
Mind Control Software 51998/2010
Mind Games 201982/1987
Mindcraft 20deadUS19891983/1994
Mindemia 22009/2012
Mindful Entertainment 2
Minds I 31991/1992
Mindscape 457nomoregamesUS19801981/2011
444 companies.

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