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Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

a.k.a. Gunmetal Arcadia 0

created and published by Minor Key Games in 2016-11-01, running on Linux
type: platformer
genre: Fantasy
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng spa

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Official description
Unrest brews in the city of Arcadia, and a monstrous enemy approaches. As the young elf Vireo, you will heed the call of adventure: choose a weapon, choose a side, and rise to be the hero your city needs. Gunmetal Arcadia Zero features classic platformer action and world-class CRT simulation technology that evokes the aesthetics of past generations.

From developer J. Kyle Pittman (Super Win the Game) and Minor Key Games (Slayer Shock) comes Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, an all-new action-adventure platformer drenched in glowing retro goodness.
•Use blades, bombs, and a bevy of subweapons
•Visit NPCs, buy and sell gear, and learn the lore of Arcadia
•Fight your way through six stages jam-packed with baddies and bosses
•Exquisite game feel — that's a thing!
•NEW!! Speedrun mode tracks splits and records best times
•World-class CRT simulation
°Fully customizable
°NEW!! Now with editable preset slots
•Authentic 8-bit soundtrack
°Over 40 minutes of original music
°Now available on Bandcamp
°Listen now at YouTube
# 2016-11-02 01:12:57 - official description - source
Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero comes with pre-made levels and is a traditional metroidvania style game. Where as Gunmetal Arcadia is a rogue-like in this same style but with procedurally generated levels.
# 2015-11-17 16:06:26
Authors / Staff
J. Kyle Pittman
Slayer Shock

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