Character advancement: Plot progress

Video game concept

A method of character advancement where they become more skilled, powerful, knowledgeable when the plot/game progresses.


Alternate name: Game progress

The first video game about Character advancement: Plot progress was released in 1993.

Kalypso Media Digital, Beamdog and Activision has published most of these games

# RPG elements #

Experience gain:
* None
* Deeds
* Kills/Defeats
* Game progress
* Objects
* Literal

Character advancement:
* None
* Static
* Literal experience
* Experience distribution
* Point distribution
* Deeds
* Perks
* Objects
* Game progress
* Time
* Intermediary

* Multiple experience types
* Shared experience
* Undefined experience (games missing info on how experience is gained)
* Undefined advancement (games missing info on how character advancement works)
Should only be used if the player character gains something from this that can't be gained otherwise.

More commonly used in story-driven games or games that try to be story driven but aren't. Often by unlocking new skills or abilities.

Occasionally this is combined with the other advancement methods with this serving as the unlocking part, and the other advancement method actually taking the unlocked thing. It also may be that progress simply awards the player with points of advancement.

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